The ROM Machine is an advanced high intensity cross trainer that delivers a full body workout in just 8 minutes (4 minutes for the upper body & 4 minutes for the lower body). ROM stands for Range of Motion and the design of the machine allows for the machine to workout a larger number of muscles in a greater range of motion than what is possible by conventional exercise and equipment. More work is done every second you spend on the machine and the ROM machine provides a balanced mix of cardio, stretching, & strength resistance.

Watch the video at for more information on the invention, design, & manufacturing of the machine.

The ROM Machine is best understood through a workout. Call us and schedule an appointment to experience it today!

Upper body workout with the ROM Machine at ROM Gym 808 at Shiatsu Therapists of Hawaii.

The ROM Machine, lower body workout at ROM Gym 808 at Shiatsu Therapists of Hawaii (